Urban Island Studies : une nouvelle revue scientifique

Island Dynamics and the Island Cities and Urban Archipelagos research network are pleased to announce the launching of a new online, peer-reviewed open access journal, ‘Urban Island Studies’: http://www.urbanislandstudies.org.
Situated at the intersection of the fields of island studies and urban studies, the journal seeks to develop knowledge across disciplines, offering an urban perspective within island research and an island perspective within urban research.
‘Urban Island Studies’ is seeking new articles concerning d ensely urbanised small islands; u rban centres of larger islands or archipelagos; i slands within mainland cities; u rbanisation and urban processes in island communities; r elationships between urban centres and peripheral islands; m etaphorical uses of ‘islands’/‘archipelagos’ in urban studies; and p apers contributing to urban island studies’ theoretical foundations. ‘Urban Island Studies’s background and aims are set forth in the journal’s editorial introduction, which is attached to this e-mail.
‘Urban Island Studies’ will publish papers from across the urban and island research fields. On the journal website, you can learn more about how this journal operates and instructions on how to submit an article.

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