Université de Northumbria : appel à candidature pour Master patrimoine

Faire un Master à l’université de Northumbria (GB) ? Si l’aventure vous tente, vous avez jusqu’au 15 mai pour déposer un projet de recherche.


This studentship allows you to develop a dynamic and original project in the field of cultural heritage. Applicants may embrace an inclusive, open-ended approach to heritage research in History, English Literature, Arts, Cultural Management, and/or related fields, and should aim to design a proposal intended to maximise cross-fertilisation between disciplines and between the academy and the public. The
MRes programme will allow you to work alongside students from a range of disciplines, developing and extending your research skills through tuition and support from a wide range of research-active staff in the Faculty.

The studentship will culminate in an interdisciplinary thesis that will draw extensively on a wide range of approaches to cultural heritage. The MRes in Cultural Heritage is the ideal preparation for further study at doctoral level.

Heritage Studies at Northumbria
At Northumbria we work closely with local and national heritage partners. Our partners contribute to both teaching and research and our academic staff have experience working in and engaging with museums and galleries.

Heritage Studies at Northumbria has particular strengths in the following areas:

* Commemoration and collective memory (celebration and ritual at heritage sites; memories of women and minority groups; literary heritage and cultural tourism; dark tourism; memorials, sculpture and public art; war and memorialisation)
* Migration and diaspora history (associational culture; cultural transfer; roots tourism; material culture; ethnic associations)
* Museum history and heritage conservation and management (historic houses; histories of galleries and exhibitions; archives and collections; conserving urban heritage)
* Public history and historical interpretation
* Heritage-making and representational practices (performance, mediation, pedagogy, politics)

Students should submit a 500-word proposal outlining their research project to
ar.admissions@northumbria.ac.uk by Friday 15 th May 2015.

If your proposal is assessed as a suitable research topic you will then be contacted to attend an interview.

· Deadline for applications is 15th May; the course will start in September 2015.

For more information contact Susan Ashley at susan.ashley@northumbria.ac.uk .


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