Conférence internationale sur le tourisme religieux et patrimoine jésuitique (Barcelone & Manresa, 20-23 juin 2016)

L’appel est ouvert jusqu’au 21 septembre 2015.

Institutions, businesses and academia, based on studies and proposals on experiential tourism, wellness tourism and selfness, spiritual tourism or transformational tourism, understand that attention to the person and their development is an essential part of the added value that tourism offers to society. Appropriate use of existing resources, both tangible and intangible, constitutes also a sustainability issue for heritage and tourism, as it is widely accepted that responsible tourism impacts the mutual benefit shared by visitors and local people.

After nearly 500 years of existence, the Society of Jesus has left patrimonial mark on many places in the most disparate cultures and geographies. This conference aims to bring together all these heritage resources and look at them from the side of tourism product development and management. Also, this first international conference aims to share experiences of good practice of responsible tourism that are being carried out in the line of combining the tourist exploitation of a resource to benefit local people and for the tourists who lives the experience.

How can this 500-year heritage of the Jesuits be preserved? How can this heritage be communicated and the interest of the wider civil society engaged? What other experiences of tourism and heritage can help promote this field? What studies can illuminate future developments? In The Experience Economy, Pine and Gilmore called for economic sectors to shift from selling services to selling experiences. While services are intangible, experiences are distinguished as being memorable. How we offer memorable experiences through Jesuit Heritage?

We invite the submission of research papers and presentations from academics, researchers, professionals, industry practitioners and postgraduate students on the following topics:

Heritage, Religious tourism and Technology

The world of ICT offers new possibilities for interpretation, preservation, promotion and management of religious heritage. Communication strategies and techniques that help bring heritage closer to the visitor´s experience. Accessibility to all audiences.

Management of religious tourism destinations

Creating, developing and managing Jesuit destinations worldwide. From the Management of Visitors to the Management of Experience in religious tourism. Management of Jesuit heritage in public ownership. Public-private partnerships for managing Jesuit heritage.

Design of products and experiences of spiritual and religious tourism

Setting the range of products and services. Accessibility to resources, offering other complementary experiences, promotion and marketing. Creating resources from living traditions or Jesuit intangible heritage.

Pilgrimage Routes

Pilgrimage tourism. Product development. Promotion and marketing. Experience tourism. Religious tourism and pilgrimages. Pilgrimages and local impact.

Heritage, spirituality and personal growth

Transformative tourism. Spiritual experience and religious tourism. Heritage reflecting the spiritual creation of a historical moment.

The Call for Papers closes on Monday 21 September 2015.

Do you have a paper that does not fit neatly within theme?

The Call for Paper themes are indicative areas for conference submissions and they are not exhaustive, please feel free to submit outside these areas.

For authors submitting papers who are unsure of the theme to which their paper is best suited, please submit as ‘Miscellaneous’ and the Programme Chair will allocate a theme.


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