The workshop will be organized around two major themes:
– Digital technologies at the service of the experience of the tourist in European Cultural Routes.
The workshop will explore what is / could be the role of ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) in order to enrich the travellers’ experience through the whole travel cycle (before, during, and after).
Before, tourists use internet to collect information about the destination, they make reservations and buy services. How to generate useful content focused on the demands and needs of visitors? How to get a relevant position on search engines, relevant online communities and social networks? How to improve the online presence?
During the trip ICTs can improve the travel experience and even exceed previous expectations of tourists. How to access information quickly and comfortably? Which applications can be used for the visits to the monuments that are part of cultural routes? How augmented reality, virtual environments and 3D animations can help the user to enjoy the visit in a different way?
After the trip, tourists use new technologies (social networks, blogs, etc.) to share their experiences, recommend and evaluate the destination. How to know the degree of satisfaction of visitors, and how to improve accordingly? Should listening be accompanied by answers (especially in case of negative comments)?

– The issue of webanalytics and so-called Big Data
From the context of cultural routes, webanalytics and Big Data become a key resource to obtain information of visitors through the analysis of large volumes of information that come from very different sources such as logfiles, social networks, mobile devices, apps, official databases, etc. Analyses of this data are based on real user actions and not on surveys, opening many possibilities to cultural tourism, which can improve its services, management, and decision process. Where and how to obtain this volume of data? How to analyse them? How to know which data can be most useful? How to know what data are freely available? Where are the limits of privacy? How the managers of cultural routes can monitor the
movement of visitor flows? How through Big Data can be analysed the tastes and preferences of tourists ?


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