Appel à contribution pour une encyclopédie sur le tourisme et les loisirs

Appel à contribution pour une encyclopédie sur le tourisme et les loisirs édité par Sage. 
Il reste de nombreuses entrées, notamment par pays. Il serait intéressant que d'autres français y participent.
Vous trouverez en pièce jointe les listes des entrées
Thank you for considering your contribution to this new, exciting reference work! 
We are inviting academic editorial contributors to The SAGE International Encyclopedia of Travel and Tourism. 
In a multidisciplinary approach, this encyclopedia examines the world travel and tourism industry, which is expected to grow at an annual rate of four percent in the next 10 years. This rapidly expanding
sector is seen in a variety of disciplines, from the anthropology of tourism to the sociology of leisure to tourism administration within
business schools to urban studies programs. Moreover, travel and tourism is now segmented into categories with disciplinary
foundations that include health (medical tourism), environmentalism (ecotourism), culture (LGBT tourism and cultural tourism), sexuality (sex tourism), geography (geotourism), and business (agritourism and
business tourism), among others.
Over 675 entries are organized A-Z across 4 volumes in the following categories. (Right now our greatest need is for scholars in several
Latin American, African, Caribbean, and SE Asian countries.) 
- Culture and Heritage in Travel and Tourism Destination
- Travel & Tourism Impacts of Travel & Tourism on the Environment, 
- Economy, and Society Intermediaries in Travel and Tourism 
- Law and Ethics in Travel & Tourism Marketing 
- Travel & Tourism Operations Issues in Travel & Tourism
- Organizations for Tourism Policy,
- Planning & Development in Travel & Tourism :
- National & International Resources and Research in Travel & Tourism 
- Technology Issues in Travel & Tourism 
- Transportation Types of Tourism World Tourism 

We are currently making assignments with a deadline of January 15, 2015.

Published by SAGE Reference, the encyclopedia will be available in a choice of electronic or print formats. 
Each 1,000 to 5,000-word article will be signed by the contributor. 
The General Editor, who will be reviewing each submission to the project, is Dr. Linda Lowry, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. 
If you are interesting in contributing to this cutting-edge reference, it can be a notable publication addition to your CV/resume and
broaden your publishing credits. 
SAGE Publications offers an honorarium ranging from SAGE book credits for smaller articles up to a free set of the printed product for
contributions totaling 10,000 words or more. 
The list of available articles is already prepared, and as a next step we will e-mail you the Article List (Excel file) from which you can
select topics that best fit your experience and interests. 
Additionally, Styles and Submission Guidelines will be provided that detail article specifications. 
If you would like to contribute to building a truly outstanding reference with The SAGE International Encyclopedia of Travel & Tourism, please contact me by the e-mail information below. 
Please provide your CV or a brief summary of your academic/publishing credentials in related disciplines. 

Thanks very much, 
Amy Jones Author Manager 
Amy Jones Email:

Travel & Tourism Article List



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