Terror and The Tour (9-11 Avril 2015, Londres)

Terror and The Tour

An interdisciplinary colloquium @ University of Roehampton (9-11 April 2015)

FINAL Call for Projects 30th October 2014

‘Distraction, surveillance and living off the enemy’s supply lines: doing counter-tourism’
Associate Professor Phil Smith (University of Plymouth)
‘Joy in the midst of holy terrors: how modern pilgrims forget to be afraid’
Dr Keith Egan (National University of Ireland – Galway)

In twinning Romantic and Contemporary discourses, from Jacobin virtue to Jihad tourism and from the Grand Tour to post-Ground Zero, the Terror and The Tour colloquium seeks to facilitate investigation of these critical terrains and paradigms. How are these twin tropes being used in historical periods, in post-9-11 politics, in travel writing genres? Is our new age of terror recycling from an ancien reign of terror? How is it being staged? And how will it play out?

Age of Terror / Reign of Terror
Jihad tourism – salvage spectacle – dark tourism – the Grand Tour
Relations between terrorism and tourism

Terror and The Tour seeks to both facilitate and generate exchanges through discourses across a diversity of fields and currencies within arts, media, humanities and cultural-social sciences. To this end, we seek a range of proposals for Performances, Projects, Film Screenings, Academic Papers. Ideally they will fall within one of three Terror/Tour groups:

Travel Party A: Touring in Ages of Terror: Authenticity, Exotica, Horror & Irony
These four travailing tropes of Touring In Ages of Terror seek to encourage extraordinary renditions of ordinal discourses; the abject with amusement, brutal banality with barbarous beauty, catastrophe with comedy and death-cultists with death-defying photo opportunities.
Travel Party B: Terror, Tours and Travel Texts
Embarking from the thinking, this Travel Party seeks to traverse the terrains of travel as a terrific and/or terrifying text-machine from travelogue to trip-advised, from travel document to traumatic tweet-length instruction. This Travel Party undertakes dredging through the potential downpour in manifestations and machinations of terror as text of travel.

Travel Party C: Performing Terror and Staging Tourism
The coupled concepts of Terror and the Tour might be understood as remaining integral to, and inseparable within, the everyday interpolation of the contemporary travelling subject. From regulated platform announcements of ‘suspicious’ persons, behaviours, luggage or packages, to the declaration that one is not a terrorist in visa applications and at border-controls, such tourist compliance provides performative complicity to counter-terror culture and counterinsurgency doctrine. The (bio)political rogue statuses of security in screening, scrutiny and surveillance of the tourist-as-terrorist, forms a perennial immediacy within some of the convening conversations for this Travel Party.

Submitting a Proposal
We warmly welcome proposals from projects that seek to develop innovative modes of presentation-participation, performance-performativity and circulation-dissemination of the research outcomes. Please send proposals to all 3 co-organisers.
• Your name & current status and/or institutional affiliation. A brief bio (no more than 100 words).
• Contact e-mail address
• 250-300 word written outline / brief / abstract of your project with title. (in docx or pdf format).
• Indication of ‘Travel Party’ for which the proposal is to be submitted
Travel Party A: Touring in Ages of Terror; Authenticity, Exotica, Horror and Irony
Travel Party B: Terror, Tours and Travel Texts
Travel Party C: Performing Terror and Staging Tourism

The deadline is 30th October 2014, 5pm.

Paper and panel selection will be completed by 14th November.

Registration will open from 14th November.

Conference cost: as a not-for-profit event, £25


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