Tourisme hors des sentiers battus (Paris, 21-23 mai 2014).

Astres organise sa 4° conférence internationale à Paris, en mai 2014. Le thème retenu est “Le tourisme hors des sentiers battus”..

The growth of tourist practices and productsdefined as alternatives despite their going mainstream, has contributed to the emergence of new tourist forms. Over the past decades, mass tourism has been largely questioned by a more diverse, fragmented and individualized offer. Tourism is being definitely impacted by metropolization, globalization and the hybridization of tastes. The focus is now on the everyday, the fact of life, on contextualizing the holiday stay and on social interactions.

These new practices which are shaping new relations between centres and peripheries are known as sub/peri-urban tourism, creative tourism, participative tourism, slow tourism, tourism of the everyday.

The conference will investigate the tourist practices and branches emerging off the beaten track and generating new tourist territories derived from backstage, interstice and peripheral areas.

Far from opposing mainstream tourism to a more selective form of tourism, the aim of the conference is to apprehend how the new tourist territories, practices, products and temporalities are building up from interstitial spaces and backstage practices.

The emergence and dissemination of tourist innovations born from the practices of « pioneering » tourists and creative players or from the introduction of alternative products will also be addressed.

The conference papers will:

– Present and discuss « off the beaten track » practices, products and lines of business;

– Envisage the future of ‘’off the beaten track ‘’ forms of tourism: their dissemination and integration;

– Delineate the patterns for their likely institutionalization, even globalization;

– Discuss the “off the beaten track” concept and its heuristic contribution to a better understanding of tourist changes.

Topics of interest

– New tourist territories (suburbs, backcountry, territorial interstices, sidelines)

– New tourist concepts (accommodation revisited, sites of interest, heritage, new types of mobility)

– New tourist practices/new types of residentiality

– Frontiers between inhabitants-and residents (discrepancies, fuzzy or overlapping borders)

– Transgressive/ Tangential practices

– New players, new offers (new inter-organizational patterns)

– Off the beaten track and After hours : temporalities and tempo* Creative tourism

– Participative tourism

– ”Off the beaten track” tourism security

– ‘’Off the beaten track”: a new construct

– Last Chance

About the conference:

This international conference is intended for junior or senior researchers of various disciplines: geographers, planners, historians, anthropologists, economists, managers….

PhD students are most welcomed to submit presentations.

This conference also targets practitioners, artists, cultural operators contributing to the emergence and practice of “off the beaten track” tourism.

Participants will attend plenary sessions, workshops, round-table sessions and field visits. A post-conference outing in Ile de France will be organized on May 24th.

Submission of conference papers

Papers must be submitted (in French or in English) to the Secretariat before September 30th 2013 to the following mail addresses:

Please follow the instructions stated below and send:

– Title of the conference paper in French and in English

– Surname, first name, home institution/company

– Abstract (in French or in English) approx 1000 words

– Presentation of the author(s) approx. 100 words

 Registration fees

– Discounted rates for early registrations before March 2014.

– Prior to March 1st 2014: 180€ (90€ for PhD students)

– Late registration fees (after March 1st 2014): 280€ (140€ for PhD students)

– Members of AsTRES : 120€



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